Personal Narrative: Rugby

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Rugby is a sport that emphasises on athleticism, endurance, strength, confidence and respect. You see players take a hit, jump up and keep pushing through. You will never see a player turn to the referee and argue or question his decisions. This is something I learnt when I joined my university’s Women’s Rugby Football Union soon after enrolment. I had never been one for sports in the past, – save for the odd track and field event in secondary school – so I had to learn the rules pretty quickly. I would stand in the muddy field, watching more experienced players tackling each other and passing the ball with finesse and great technique. I would hear them shouting “Blindside, ruck, maul!” I was clueless about what any of that meant. I was intimidated and worried – firstly about breaking bones and hurting myself, secondly about getting my clothes muddy and breaking my much beloved nails. When I look at myself now, I see someone different. The transition I’ve made hasn’t been exceedingly awe inspiring. I’m not a big, brawny girl who walks around and owns every room she enters. However I am a stronger, more confident, sociable version of myself. I can also down a pint in better time, with no spillage. Rugby has helped me to develop…show more content…
When you see yourself heading into a tackle, with no fear and you take down a bigger girl, you can see how strong you are. When you get knocked down and jump right back up, you see how much perseverance you have. When you’re out of breath, aching all over and chase the ball, you see how much endurance you actually have. When you score a try and the referee doesn’t count it and you get angry, but hold it back and accept the decision, you see how respectful you are. When the other team loses and you hug them and shake their hands, walk off the pitch without taunting or celebrating in their faces, you see just what a good sport you
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