Personal Narrative: SCAD Has Yet To Live Up To My Expectations

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SCAD Has Yet to Live Up to My Expectations My heart was set on attending SCAD from the minute I stepped foot on the campus. After touring the gorgeous campus in November of my freshman year, I knew I had to go here. I finally decided on SCAD in April before I graduated. I had also decided to live off-campus in Savannah with my boyfriend. Before arriving at SCAD, I had expectations and speculations of what college would be like, but after being here for almost two quarters not all of my expectations have been met. I had expected living off-campus to be hard, but I had still planned on being involved in events on campus and meeting as many people as possible. I had also expected for the beautiful campus I saw while touring would be where I…show more content…
I have discovered that living off-campus is harder than I thought, especially where I live. To go to an event, I have to drive twenty minutes both ways, which makes it harder to get motivated. It is also harder to make friends. I have met a lot of people, but the person I hang out with the most from SCAD also lives at my apartment complex. When it comes to the campus and classes, I have found that you don’t get to really experience SCAD until sophomore year. This is because freshmen year you take all of the foundation classes that get you prepared for your major, These classes are mainly at three buildings that are for foundations only and happen to also be buildings that I didn’t get shown when touring. However, next year I will take my major classes at the ones I did see on my tour. I was expecting all of the students to be phenomenal at everything art related, but in reality everyone is good at something, but not everything. Different students will excel in different projects and classes, but for the most part I have never felt like I was the worst in the class. I also found that the “art students are bad at math (or any of the generals) stereotype has truth and lie behind it. It is true that some are bad, but there are also students who are really smart when it comes to history, math, english,

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