Personal Narrative-Sacrifice Or Immigrant?

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It didn’t take me long to make my way back home as I worked my way through the cover of the area’s thick foliage. We had only been a little over a mile away to begin with, so the threat of being spotted was at a minimum. When June saw me climb back through my bedroom window as she sat at my computer shopping online for girlie things, of course, she was surprised. Her first words being, “Peter, you’re back… What happened?” “I need to borrow your car again,” I told her frown which had that taken over her expression already. “Not until you tell me what happened,” June then demanded, digging in her heels like she’s done ever since we were children. “I want to know what’s going on.” “I don’t have time to explain,” I told…show more content…
Having parked June’s car not far from the refinery, I then headed off on foot to the complex. Upon approach, I could already hear the telltale signs of the turnout of the conscious dead as they amassed for the night’s festivities. Standing next to a fence gate that encompassed the factory was Rocko keeping guard. He was greeting the regulars with a grin and a head nod as they shuffled into the belly of the facility, many already showing symptoms of having consumed flesh. “Hey, Peter,” he said jovially as I approached. “How have things been?” “Hey, Rocko,” I responded less than reciprocating his friendly demeanor. “Have you seen Anna?” I then asked, getting right to the point of why I was there. “Yeah, sure,” he admitted. “I saw her a while ago. She sure was in a foul mood, I mean a lot more than normal.” “Great,” I told him happy to know Anna was in there somewhere, but unhappy not knowing what kind of trouble she’d already gotten herself into. “Everything okay?” asked Rocko. “Just fine,” I told him. “Look, I got to go find her.” “Oh, all right, Peter, I’ll see you later, then?” he…show more content…
“I’ll stop back up here in a bit and we’ll talk for a while.” “Okay, sounds good, Peter,” Rocko said having sounded almost childlike. Once inside, I started scanning the crowd of freaks for Anna and, for the first time, I noticed the stench of decay we gave off. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it was, it was ever present like a hunk of meat left in a garbage can to rot or a sewer backing up its noxious gases. Moving deeper, I at first barely recognized her in the dimness of the rapidly changing lights that were swirling from the center of the cavernous room. But as a hunchback, lock-jawed man with a dragging leg cleared out of my view path I saw her more clearly. It was Samantha and to my surprise she was with Elliot. “Samantha,” I said as I quickly walked up to her. “Elliot, welcome back, I’m glad to see you made it.” “Yeah, I guess it was a close call there for a while,” Elliot admitted pensively as if embarrassed by what had happened to him. “But, I made it through, no harm, no
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