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Safe Haven “Fin. Finn. Finnegan,” the voice echoed across the wasteland. Finnegan did not react. The words threw themselves against Finnegan again. He still did not react. Nobody ever understood Finnegan, for he was an outcast in his pack. Finnegan stared uncomprehendingly as other children his age were playing tag or catch with their friends or family. But Finnegan had no one. Before his parents left, they told him he was too difficult to take care of and that he was slow at understanding his surroundings and emotions. But Finnegan did understand one thing; that would never blend in with his classmates. No one would ever play with him. The teachers and coaches ignored him, causing Finnegan to struggle with education and athletics. Finnegan was born in the Roanoke colony which was slowly eroding away by attacks from the native tribes. Only 50 people remained. As the group of survivors trudged through the hot, sticky marshes in search for a better life, they were slowed down significantly by Finnegan. One day, the leader of the group, a strict and grumpy tyrant, decided he had enough of Finnegan.
"Finnegan! You no longer belong with us! If it weren't for you we would have already found a home," the leader exclaimed, infuriated. Finnegan did not react. The entire group nodded their heads in agreement and left Finnegan sitting on a moldy log, playing with mud. He sat there for hours and hours, staring at the bright blue sky, waiting for the people he grew up with to come
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