Personal Narrative-Scary Narrative

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One day my mom said that she was going to drop me off at the Cassity’s because she was going out of town. That afternoon she picked me up from school. We drove to Lathrop and she dropped me off. My mom told me I was spending the week there so I needed to find something to do and then left. When I got there everyone was watching TV, I joined them. That first night we watched a movie and ate pizza. A couple of days had passed doing nothing,when I saw something in the local newspaper about a contest. It said that a monster had been spotted and whoever could find the monster and take a good picture could win three thousand dollars! I ran to show Callie, Sam, and Titus. They weren’t as happy as I was,they told me the monster didn’t exist. After an hour of trying to convince them,they finally gave in because it would give us something to do. …show more content…

When we found everything we needed, we grabbed a computer and looked up the last place the monster was spotted and tried to plan out his next location. We put on mud boots and headed for the creek behind the house. We were gone all morning,we never found anything just a couple of cool rocks and some old tin cans. We began our search again the next day. We were scavenging the woods with our cameras and bug spray when we came upon a small cave in the side of the creek wall. We were just about to enter when we heard a growl,we all jolted

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