Personal Narrative: Sea Water

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A trail of blood followed behind me as I walked onto shore. The sand suddenly turned red. I shined the flashlight throughout my body, from my shoulders to my toes. The seawater rolled down my skin, snatching the blood from my wounds. I realized I was dripping blood. We put on our mask, turned on our flashlights, and jumped in the water. Piercing cold it was. I could feel the goosebumps rise under my skin and the hairs sticking up under my wetsuit. I was trailing behind my father, as I was not as familiar of the ocean ground compared to him. Destroyed corals, trash from the ungrateful humans who give no care for ocean life, the waves crashing into the rocks, fishes sleeping through the night, and the moon reflecting off the Needlefishes swimming on the surface of the water as they were hitting my forehead as I let the waves carry me farther away from shore. I looked back towards the beach and I saw my mother walking along the shallow waters looking at us. I wave my flashlight back and forth in the air and she does the same. I dove back in the water and caught up to my dad. An octopus I saw, hiding in its cave made of overturned rocks. I cocked my spear and aimed for the head. Bullseye. I pushed my spear into its cave and start turning it. The octopus tried to fight back by turning itself, so I…show more content…
I held my breath, swam down to the ground floor, and pierced my light into the holes in the rock. I saw nothing at first, but an eel appeared. I remembered my dad telling me on the car ride there that certain eels are dangerous and I should avoid them. It was a moray eel. I trembled when I saw its razor, sharp teeth, yet I was fascinated by it. It turned its head and stared right at me. I thought it was going to bite me, so I pushed myself against the rock and the waves slammed me into another rock beside me. I was full of adrenaline, so I did not feel anything. We swam around the rock and decided to go back to
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