Personal Narrative : Search And Rescue

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Search and Rescue My life’s vocation has been one of search and rescue. If it weren’t cattle, it was people from all walks of life who had lost their way or did not know there was a better alternative than the lifestyle they felt fate had dealt to them. It was logical that sooner or later searching and a passion for flying would come together. I vividly remember my first flying experience. During spring break in my high school years, I happened to stop by the local hanger located on a hill that overlooked the cemetery in Russell. The approach for landing was a good reminder that one needs to be intentional about all life’s decisions because each decision brings with it either more “life” or more “death.” Decisions are never neutral. The decision to fly that day at the invitation of a local private pilot was not right or wrong in itself; it is just that I was not dressed appropriately for what turned out to be our actual destination and mission. What originally was planned as a flip around the town in a little two passenger J3 Piper Cub on a warm spring day turned into an unfiled excursion into the Riding Mountain National Park south of Dauphin, Manitoba looking for moose. It was winter in the park, and as we circled a small lake both of us caught sight of what seemed like a trapper in distress. His hand waving appeared much more urgent than a friendly acknowledgement. In
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