Personal Narrative: Second Place

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Second Place
After months of practicing every week for hours on end, I never expected anything less than perfection when I walked on stage at a cheerleading competition. In my mind, even a small mistake meant you had ruined all chances of winning the competition. I held that expectation of perfection for myself for seven years until January 18th, 2015.
When I arrived at the competition that morning and I saw the crowded, loud building a familiar feeling of nervousness set in. Soon after our arrival, we made our way through the crowds to meet my team. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as everyone talked about our competitors. We determined that we had a high chance of winning and I remember teammates warning others to not mess up.
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Every step was a step closer to the dreaded moment of performing. Entering warm ups was similar to entering a battle zone. The large room was filled with teams who all had it out for each other. The music all blended together and was so loud it seemed to increase my heart rate even more. All around the room coaches were working their teams hard and loudly criticizing every mistake. As I stepped on the practice mat with my team I noticed I wasn't the only nervous one. I was surrounded by worried faces as everyone scanned the room and realized our winning prediction may be wrong.
I walked over to my group and silently prayed to stay in the air. The stunt went smoothly and soon was over which eased my fears about the real performance. We continued to practice all our stunts and tumbling along with our dance. The tumbling is what I feared most in the routine. Since I had just gotten the skill I was to perform, my biggest fear was messing it
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