Personal Narrative : See You Again By Wiz Khalifa

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There are many songs that have memories that are connected to them in some extravagant way. However, there is one song that really has a deep meaning to me, and a memory that is attached to it. That song is “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa. Now, I do not listen to any genre of music other than Christian, but my senior class had all went through a tragedy during our eleventh grade year. It was something that no high school student should ever have to go through, but yet it happens all the time. My senior class picked three songs to play at graduation, but this song was chosen to play at the end as a reminder of the tragedy that we had been through. Almost every song that I listen to has a memory that goes along with it. Some of the songs mean more to me than the others. I listen to music every day because music is my passion, and every day I am reminded of both good, and bad memories that come from the songs I listen too. “See You Again” has a very special place in my heart though. That song means more to me that half of the songs that I listen too. However, it means a lot to me for one special reason, and that reason you ask? His name is Bryan Deon Lloyd Irons. Bryan Irons was a freshman in high school when he first made his appearance at AHS. I met him on the first day of classes, and my first impression of him was that he was crazy! He was one of the most outgoing, and sweetest person that you would ever meet. Bryan touched many peoples’ hearts with his kindness, and
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