Personal Narrative : Self Analysis Final Paper

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Self-Analysis Final Paper Writing has been something that we have always had to do in school. My writing process and techniques have changed drastically since I have entered Writing 1310. When I first set foot into the classroom, I was a good writer, but I didn’t know format too well. As I went through the class, I improved on my writing skill, process, and format. In this paper, I am going to discuss my improvements in skill and my writing process, as well as the changes I have made throughout this course. When I start to write a paper now, I gather all of my information and take parts of the information out that I want to use. I usually do a vomit draft as I go while also touching up the paper. Before Writing 1310, I used an outline, and I discovered that that was not working for me. When I did an outline, I would always get stuck and distracted by thinking too much about what I was going to say next. With the vomit draft, I just wrote everything down that came to mind, which helped me out a lot throughout the paper. This was a great way to brainstorm for me and it also helped me include vital information that helped me along the way. Writing 1310 is very different from my high school writing classes. In high school, we were not able to pick our own topics, which made writing an essay very difficult to do. In Writing 1310, I was introduced to a wider range of topics that I was actually interested in. For the first and second paper, I wrote about Disney
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