Personal Narrative: Senior Year Of High School

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"In school you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson." A quote I came across the summer before my senior year of high school from Tom Bodett, an American author. This quote hit me hard because it's 100% true. Knowing you come across trials and tribulations. It can be physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally draining. No matter how you are effected by it God wouldn't put you in a situation he knows you can't get out of which is the test. The lesson is learning from that situation and adapting so you can proven it from happening again. Since then I been looking at life like a timeless final exam. Every problem in my life I take time and work it out and break it down to make…show more content…
High school had to probably be the worse of all. I was really I mean REALLY disrespectful, had a smart mouth and was quick with it. Worse of all my temper got ten times worse. You could look at me a way I didn't like and I would either curse you out or just punch you in your face. I know you probably wondering what happened with me that summer before my freshman year. Well that's a question I asked myself as well. 3 out of 4 years in high school I almost got kicked out of school. My freshmen year I got 14 write-ups. Yes you read right 14 total, all of the different from the one before that one. Even though my teachers looked at me like a really bad kid my World History teacher Coach Bray saw the good in me and never lost hope for me. I wouldn't say he was my inspiration but he had a big role in this movie I call "My Life." Junior had to be the moment of the movie that has everybody at the edge of their seats. I got suspended for so called threatening to slap my English teacher. I mean I have a history of doing that in the past but not when I have one more year left in school. Anyway I got suspended until I went to my hearing, something like court actually. They have the last say so on weather you come back to school or you get expelled. So me being on the Brookland-Cayce High School Most Wanted list I just knew I was getting kicked out, I just knew it. My mother was there with me and she was crying like she just let the flood gates open. Now one thing I hate in the world is to see the woman that gave me life, the woman who raised me crying. She had no choice thought because I was putting myself in that jam and she couldn't help me get out of it. To be honest my mother crying was the only reason I actually got to go back to school on probation. If it wasn't for her doing that you wouldn't have the pleasure of reading this paper. After the whole hearing thing I would like to say I learned from that but I
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