Personal Narrative-Separation In High School

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The idea that the killer would next target Emily was one even I admitted to being highly improbable. The actions I was taking now were not grounded firmly in logic. As someone who was not normally dependent on emotive reasoning, this disquieted me a fair bit. We arrived shortly, and despite thanking Henry hurriedly, I didn't wait for a response from him before I dashed off into the building. The receptionist normally situated at the front desk was absent at the moment. Wether she left or was simply on break I didn't have time to contemplate over. The ride to the fourth story was one of subtle unease. Such unease mounted into alarm when i saw the door was slightly ajar, lighting pouring out from the small gap of space. I opened it fully, to which the sound of…show more content…
After a final confirmation I wasn't gazing back at a life sized doll, meticulously crafted to the most minute detail, I took note of her uniform. "Have high school students taken to robbery to pay off tuition?" My weak attempt at humor was an attempt to lighten the mood, however er it was quickly misinterpreted. The mysterious girl's eyes widened. "A-ah N-no! I-I...!" She began stumbling over her explanation, flustered at the situation, which caused her to stumble even more, which in turn reddened her face even further. To be honest I found it impossible to not to be sympathetic. It was also impossible for me not to find it a little amusing. "Are you a friend of Emily's?" I asked blankly, tilting my head a bit. She took a sharp, much needed, breathe of air. "Y-yes sir, please pardon the intrusion." She adopted a formal stance, which still looked strange with the jitteriness of her pose. " She had told me that she was having trouble preparing pasta, and I offered a hand of assistance." Her tone was also in a formal manner of speaking, the stammering young girl I witnessed moments before had greatly shifted in
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