Personal Narrative: Serving A Mission For The Church Of Latter-Day Saints

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Disclaimer: This is my story as I perceived it during a certain time in my life. The way I may interpret others actions could be different than they were intended to be.

My decision to serve an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints seemed like such an easy decision. At the end of my senior year of high school I was set on the fact I was going to serve a mission. I would start my papers as soon as possible and leave as soon as I could. My enthusiasm soon died out and I became confused and the time to start my papers drew closer. It was about October/November when I realized that my idea to serve a mission could soon become a reality. I had been praying since what seemed like forever if a mission was the best thing for me to do …show more content…

I thought I would serve a mission for the longest time, but I never felt like I received an answer. I became extremely frustrated. I was busy with college, working three jobs, and dancing with a company. About the same time I met a boy and we were hanging out quite a bit. All of these things seemed to offer a distraction from the question that constantly lingered in the back of my mind "should I serve a mission or not?" All of these things worked as great distractions until I would come home or go to church. My parents we constantly wondering the same thing I was, would I serve a mission? And I know the fact I was with a boy a lot made them wonder a lot more about whether I would serve a mission or not. At church many of my friends seemed to be starting their mission papers and I felt this constant pressure to begin my papers as well. I felt pressure from my parents, friends, church leaders. The question seemed to be "So are you going to serve a mission?". I realize I told people I was planning on serving a mission, but it was like everywhere I turned there was "mission" written on every wall. And the way I began to see things was you serve a mission and you are a

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