Personal Narrative-She's Smoke

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“She’s smokin’, Han!” Caleb was the first one to break the silence, although nobody else heard him. I wasn’t sure if he was being serious, trying to make me jealous, or both. I merely gave him a glare before saying, “Too bad you’re dead.” Josh decided to clarify for the girl by saying, “She sees dead people. I’m Josh Baker, also known as Patient 8419” You know, others in the asylum would say that Josh looked at women with a hunger in his eyes, but all I saw in that moment was him trying so damn hard to control his urges. “U-Uhm, I’m Hannah Davis. I prefer going by Han, if you don’t mind.” I awkwardly crossed my arms, avoiding her eyes. She knew that I could see the dead, and I was almost positive that she didn't believe me. No one ever…show more content…
They look at me and see this horrible monster. Unfortunately, they’re right. I am a monster. I..I don’t want to be a monster. I do all that I can to try to make up for what happened, but it’s so damn hard.. I like believe that it’s not my fault. From the moment I turned three years old, I became my mom and dad’s little experiment. They were both scientists, but they never left their work when they clocked out. They’d… They’d inject me and my little sister with chemicals they stole almost everyday. I never really knew what they were doing to me, but.. I knew that it made me feel awful. My sister died when I was 14, and that’s when my parents were arrested. I ended up living with a newly married couple. The drugs and chemicals inside of me influenced me to lose control, so I..uh, I raped and murdered the man’s wife. I got away with more after that.. It was a town mystery until someone put the piece together. I later found out that the chemicals didn’t last as long as I’d thought, and what I’d done was what my body had been used to doing..I wish they would’ve just killed me instead of sending me here, but I guess they did what would torture me the
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