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“Hello, Martin,” she said, and laughed, and pushed the stop button. “H-h-how do-o-o you know” Martin stopped and took a deep breath “my name?” She smiled and just kept looking at me. Then all of a sudden saying “you know I have been seeing you around a lot.” “ummm oh really u-h I haven’t noticed you.” I said trying to be brave. And to my lie all she did was laugh. “Wow you are very funny I saw you looking at me and I only have one question.” she leaned down to my eye level and whispered in my ear “wanna come with me?” “um w-w-wait WHAT NO WHY WOULD I DO THAT!!??” I screamed at her. She looked mad and flung straight up like a board flinging back as tall as she could and said “fine I guess this is going to be a kidnapping too!” “W-W-WAIT WHAT!!!!!!!!” I wailed and fought back but it did no good I mean I was broken for at least a week…or two. It was dark and I heard some footsteps? Like the one that followed me up the stairs that one day. I also heard huffing and puffing but no house being blown away, well now that I think of it something might have been blowing away and it did not smell like roses. And I was down wind! There also was a burning pain in my leg I tried to hold it but when I looked down I only saw my legs bunched up then BANG!!!!!!! Now not only did my leg hurt but also my head AW and again happened until I passed out…again. Then WHIPP I flinged up and realized I was not in the elevator anymore but instead…in the kitchen! “Oh goody you are awake again so how was
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