Personal Narrative Short Story

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I open my eyes at the sound of someone’s voice. I know that voice-- it’s… “Ugh! Sylvia! Did you seriously think you were going to win that fistfight against Tammy Williams?!” my best friend Eileen says standing over me as I lay down on the concrete of the school basketball courts. Everything hurts as I try to get up from being unconscious for god knows how long. As I get up, and Eileen hands me my backpack. She told me Tammy jumped me after me “talking trash” about her, which I didn’t do. So you probably figured I’m Sylvia. Seventh grade, probably dumbest person in the school. Not kidding, take a look at my report card from last semester and you’ll be shocked about how many F’s there are. I also have a really active imagination, so I just…show more content…
I get confused but then notice that not just my skin is getting lighter, but everything else around me is. Everything suddenly looks white, then I wake up from lying on the floor, again. My head still hurting from when Tammy Williams probably round-house kicked it. Annoyed from having to get up, I decide to stay there staring at the ceiling of wherever I am, not wanting to get up. But suddenly, this guy is standing above me. He looks familiar, but I can’t tell where I’ve seen him from. “Do you need help?” he asks. Embarrassed, I quickly get up, but I got up too fast so then I fall back down to where I was, making it even more embarrassing. “Sylvia, what were you doing on the floor of the restaurant?” That was when I knew I knew this man. His name was Nate, and he was from one of the stories I imagined in my head. I feel something in my hand, so I look, but it’s just that glass thing that was hanging on the door. I shove it in my back pocket trying to figure out what’s going on. I look around, and it’s exactly how I imagined it. I look down to see if anything else has changed like it was supposed to, but it didn’t. I’m still dirty from when I was laying on the ground after Tammy beat me up, and I still have the same curly hair that I absolutely hate. “Uh, yeah I’m fine… Nate…” I say uncomfortably. I guess he picked up on that, so then he looked down at himself. “What? Is there something on
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