Personal Narrative: Should I Let My Son Play Football

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Would I let my son play football? Everyone I know and asked have differents opinion on letting their son play football and all the answers I've got were all different over all I got fifty percent of a yes and the other fifty percent of a no. Going into conclusion, I at first was against it because I saw the consequences of letting my child play football but then I realized that letting him play he can gain confidence, strength, and even learn how to play using teamwork and play fair with other kids even interact with them and become good friends with them an experience where you won't learn in school. But overall i would definitely let my son play football when he's ready or when ever he want because i'm not forcing them it's up to him not to me.…show more content…
Every time you practicing you getting use to every body parts and when it comes to playing you wouldn't get tired faster. Overall I ask myself every question after I read the article and i would let my son play football over ready and having

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