Personal Narrative: Sibling Relationships

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Kaelin Brand
COMM 2400

Life is unpredictable and no one ever knows what it will end up like. This has been true for me since I was little. I was only for two years old, and then my little brother was born into the world. I am aware that there is not as big as an age gap between my brother and I, which is good and bad at the same time. However, being the older sister it is hard to relate with my little brother with most things.

The sibling relationship with my little brother is not a great one, but I would say that it is fair. My younger brother is a lot more crazy then enjoyable. Unfortunately, I know that I would be a different person if it was not for my brother. He is a person who I love and care for and of course
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I believe that the reason I do not get along with my younger brother that well, is simply because since I can remember he would always hit me and bother me, then tell on me to my mom! When we were small he would always do stuff that would bother me and would hit me for no reason. These are the some memories I have of our childhood and because they are not great ones I never wanted to like being around my little brother. However, I wish that this had never happened because, I strongly believe that, it created a strong dislike and ignorance in me towards my little…show more content…
For example, the direct speech act is used when I ask my brother to provide information. “Do you have a girlfriend?” Also, criticizing, and getting my brother to do something for me is a visable speech act in our relationship. Conversery is a constant theme is my brother and I relationship which causes many disputes between us. But when a sibling is threatened, identities are threatened, and then they are held responsible for what they say and how they say things. Both siblings disagree with each other and occasional fighting is part of living with brothers and sisters (it sucks, but it's true). Ongoing arguments can be stressful, annoying, and unnecessary, but there are things you can do if it gets out of
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