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Growing up my family bought lot of movies. We have at least five totes full of movies that we don't watch anymore. As a kid I never liked scary movies. The first one I watched gave me nightmares for weeks and I decided I was not going to watch them ever again. After that I started to get into comedy and kid movies. The first movie i watched as a kid was Chucky. I don't think that movie is very scary anymore, but at seven years old it was pretty terrifying. I never knew what it was when I started to watch it, I just thought it was about a little kid and some doll. Not a demonic puppet that wants to kill everyone and everything. Then after that I didn't really have a favorite. I just watched so many movies it got boring. Every movie was either close to another one that was made in worse quality or so wierd I couldn't follow it. But one day I walked into the living room while my mom and our exchange student were watching a movie called,…show more content…
Deep down inside of me I want it to. It just seems like a place where one can truly express how they feel and live life not worrying about money or what the government is going to do next. They worried about what quest they were going to go on next or what monster they were going to slay. Watching these movies gave a sense of hope that I never really got from anyone. A hope that someday even how hard the task may be or how ever many people doubt you. Your friends will be with you until the end, even if it costs them their lives. They will help you complete the task and then go laugh and share the story over and over again until you go on a new adventure.
The biggest thing they taught me was to never give up. There will be things throughout your life that will try and stray you from the right path, but you have to do what is right and you will complete your task no matter the amount of road blocks that are in your
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