Personal Narrative : Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice

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Sisters By Chance, Friends By Choice Having a relationship with a sister is something not everyone gets to experience. However, I am able to say I have that opportunity. My sister and I are significantly different in many ways. Especially when it comes to age; she is sixteen years older than me. When I was born I am sure it was a big change for her. When I was younger she lived at home while she was going to college. However, when she decided to go back to college to get her masters she moved away. I was only eight years old, so I was verily attached to her; therefore, this was a big change for me. Missing her was an understatement. After receiving her masters, she was accepted into Virginia Tech. She was going to achieve her dreams of becoming a veterinarian. As she was tremendously excited for this opportunity I, however, was not. For me that meant that she was going to be away even more, and I would see her even less. My parents were also on edge about this opportunity; because the shooting massacre had happened just a few short years before. Everyone 's stress levels rose. After much praying, we trusted she would be safe over the next four years. The day we started moving her to Blacksburg from Johnson City was when it really started hitting me emotionally. This was something that I let bother me for almost a year. Over that year I realized that it was not so bad. She still called to talk to us quite a bit. I started to realize, and let it sink in, that she was achieving
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