Personal Narrative-Skin Infection

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It was the summer before sixth grade, I was ten years old. It was late at night, around 11 o’clock, when we were leaving our friends’ rented camp. The sky was black, no stars, no moon. We didn't have to go very far, just down the lake where our camp was.
The water was warm on my feet as I walked through the water to get in the boat. It was a pretty old boat, my grandfather’s, but it worked just fine to get us around the lake. I was wearing a sweatshirt under my life jacket because I remember that it’s usually cold on the ride back, the wind blowing against your skin and through your hair.
We loaded our one year old dog, Jake, in the boat before my father pushed us out into deeper water. Our friends said their goodbyes and Jon said to be careful,
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After about ten or so minutes of comparing pictures to my skin, one of the doctors found impetigo in his book. The doctors read about it and asked me some more questions, they then concluded that it was, in fact, impetigo. I learned that impetigo was a bacterial skin infection that was highly contagious through skin-to-skin contact. Which proved to be true, my niece Ava, who was one or two, had gotten an impetigo sore from when we were playing. To say I felt awful was the biggest understatement in the world. She didn't get anymore and it healed pretty quickly from some…show more content…
It’s something that he loves to do and we love to watch him do it. If Jake isn't getting rocks he is just laying in the water not doing anything but soaking up some sun rays. But if Jake is laying there and he sees a minnow swim by, he’s up and ready to find out where it's going. That’s another thing that Jake is very passionate about, chasing minnows (or small sunfish) along the shallow water. It's a riot. He will see a minnow and be super fascinated by it, sometimes he will even try to pounce on them like a cat. He isn't alway successful with catching the little fish but enjoys the chase. Talking about Jake diving for rocks and chasing the minnows along the beach makes him sound pretty energetic and full of life but it's quite the opposite. Jake would like nothing more in life than to just lay out in the sun all day catching some Z’s and be surrounded by people willing to give him all their attention. Jake used to even lay down on the grass in the middle of a walk if he was getting winded (but that was when he was a little more on the chunky side). Jake is like a bear; he gains weight in the winter and burns it in the
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