Personal Narrative : Sleeping Beauty Carnell Zhou

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Sleeping Beauty Carnell Zhou The radiant rays of light leapt off of the sun’s surface while a tiny flock of hummingbirds filled the azure sky with their sweet song. Meanwhile, the sky itself was clear, a blank canvas of light blue painted across the horizon. At the time, I was 5’5, athletically built, and relatively average in height compared to my seventh grade classmates. I had uneven locks of black hair that seemed to go out in every direction, similar to the quills of porcupine. Nevertheless, my body movements were sluggish due to the lack of sleep I had been receiving. In fact, I was exhausted up to the point that my vision was blurred and my head spun. I tilted my head forward, trying to focus on my lesson but I felt too dazed to continue. Frustrated, I buried my head into my arms, which felt dry from my eczema. I smelled of fresh detergent, as well as the lavender scent of my bed. My breath gave off the scent of potato chips, which I had polished off. Moreover, I sounded low and hoarse. Whenever I spoke, my monotone voice would eventually find its way out of my sore throat like an exhausted bear crawling out of its den. My constant movements were alert and attentive, and both my mind and my body remained restless. The beads of sweat that dribbled down my forehead tasted salty, almost as if I had just taken a dip in the ocean. As I managed to open my laptop, I reflected on the past few nights, all of which had been absolute torture. I could still recall the
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