Personal Narrative-Smoking In America

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It was July I believe in Hollywood, California. I was standing in the parking lot smoking when I first met her. I had just walked to work. That day I was wearing a blue denim jacket and a vintage Duran Duran T shirt. Of course I had my favorite white pair of Wayfarer sunglasses on. My mouth was dry. I was a bit hung over after going out with Paul last night. She walked up looking shy. Red top, big black sunglasses, vintage jeans with long dirty blonde hair. I didn’t recognize her. “Hi, I’m Shelby… Do you work here?” She asked nervously. “Yes, I do.” I replied in a broken morning voice. “I‘m Jared, Are you starting today?” I asked. Either that or she was an impatient customer I thought. “This is my first day. Can I get a smoke from you?”…show more content…
There are currently two Fred Segal stores: one in Hollywood (on Melrose Avenue) and the other in Santa Monica. In 1960, Fred Segal opened the world's first jeans-only store.) She had energy. I liked that. “I guess” I said. “I mean yeah you get to help Rockstars like Lenny Kravitz pick out clothes. But at the end of the day it's still a job. When I got hired here I never even heard of Fred Segal!” I tell her. We both laugh. “My friend Rhian got me this job. I had worked here during their yearly sale. I guess they liked me enough to hire me on.” I say putting out my cigarette. Shelby nods her head… “That's cool. You must be a good worker.” “Well, I don't know about all that but I can fold shirts and that goes a long way.” I say laughing. “You’re funny. See you inside Jared.” She tells me walking away. Wow! I thought today is going to be different. I watched her train with everyone that morning. Sam & Daryl showed her how to approach customers. Nicole showed her how to fold shirts. Keith even showed her how to fold jeans and look up sizes. Paul showed her the sunglasses. I watched her jaw drop when she looked at the price tags... Welcome to Hollywood I thought. Last she was put with me right before
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