Personal Narrative: Soar To Success

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As a child, I always loved being read to by any and every one. I would explore the pictures in books and come up with my own stories about what I thought really happened. When it came time for me to become an independent reader my own imagination become an issue. I knew the words on the pages of the book and I knew the meaning of most of them, but the words together made no since to me. It was not until I was I the fifth grade that a teacher realized that I even though I could read the words I actually had no understanding of what I was reading, and instead of reading the stories, I was actually coming up with my own stories. To help me to become a better reader I was put into a reading program called Soar to Success and to this day I credit…show more content…
I despise being assigned and forced to read books or stories I am not interested in. At my age I have expanded the genres that entice me but anything written pre civil rights movement is hard for me to enjoy. I think it’s the way they are written or even the word usage but to be put simply, it’s a bore. Around the time I discovered my love for books I also found a love for writing. I loved being able to use my words to express my feels, but then I started college and my love for writing began to vanish with each semester. I have also found that the time I have for reading is now limited to school work and bed time stories with my son. I now look forward to the breaks I have between semesters where I can lose myself in a couple of books and actually enjoy and appreciate a good story. I love the feeling I get when I get so lost in a book that when I wake up the next morning I have to remind myself of the world I actually live in. I hope that one day, maybe after I finish my career as a student, that I will once again find a love in writing. I believe that reading is something that children can see as a chore if they are not introduced to it at an early age. Reading should be introduced to a child as something enjoyable that is done with a parent instead of being first introduce by a teacher that grades on how well or not so well they can do it. Reading can also help a child development a strong imagination which
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