Personal Narrative: Spotify Music

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It is already eleven at night and the whole house sits in darkness; the rest of the family either sleeps peacefully upstairs or plays video games in the basement. My sister, Gracie sprawls out on the couch, the bright screen of her laptop lighting up her face. I sit across from her - bored and ready to go to bed - mindlessly flipping through movies on our smart TV. Although I am not interested in the big seventy inch screen, I am interested in spending time with my sister while she is on break from college. Seeing the option for Spotify music, I click the icon as an idea pops in my head. My sister and I did not bond over much; however, music happened to be one of the only things that unified us. I get up and start playing a random song from…show more content…
It shows one main issue that branches off into many other problems: her selfishness. I cannot remember a time where my sister has not been self-centered, which has poisoned our sisterhood from the very beginning. In the past few years she has expressed to me or to other family members of her wish to be closer to me and be able to act more like sisters. She messages me while she’s away and will genuinely seem interested in how I am and what I am up to, but then changing completely when she comes home. If she is home, she does four main things: sleeps, isolates herself on electronic devices, hangs out with friends, or argues with everyone. I do not make much of an attempt to get close to her when I have the opportunities to, but I have accustomed myself to her lifestyle and do not expect anything less. My naturally untrusting and closed-off personality can be shed at times when I am wanting to connect with her, but her blindness from her own personal bubble shields her from seeing my shy attempts. The rejection I feel after plenty painful experiences slashes our relationship apart while she goes on without any realization of her actions. I love my sister dearly, but I do not respect her or get any closer to her. Years of blind, selfish actions cause walls to be built and separate the sisterhood that we are supposed to share. Gracie does what she wants without thinking and ignores
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