Personal Narrative: Stereotypes Of Women

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IN this era of the new man – where almost anything is acceptable for personal fulfillment – where watching soap operas and crying, visiting the spa twice monthly and covering kitchen duties are a fading stereotype the cry for men who are not merely fixated on lifting bricks, mowing the lawn or shifting and fixing pipes has almost faded. This revelation sharing an inextricable link with the fact that men are now more in touch with their feminine side. But, love, in tandem with this shift has also seen men admitting to doing a number of things that they would not otherwise entertain or indulge in. All Women talked to a few men who shared how love led them to an unmanly road. But do they qualify as unmanly? Here’s what they said they’ve done: …show more content…

Anyway when I got home she was fuming and of course, she gave me the “don’t touch me line” but God knows I desperately needed to ‘touch’ her. So I went into her drawer and wormed myself in her bra, set a wig on my head and I believe one of her pair of three inches heels when I hit that stereo and starting dancing and singing for her she begged me for the touch. Ryan: I shave everywhere – all pubic area, armpits, chest and eyebrows, the works. I like looking slick and more than anything my girl hates body hair. I can keep a little for my facial outline but she hates that I am so hairy. To be honest I am a lot cooler without it. Troy: I stole from my sister’s jewelry box and some of the new clothes she shipped in from the US bi-monthly to keep my girl trendy and so that she wouldn’t leave me. I didn’t have anything else at the time to offer I wasn’t

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