Personal Narrative Story : A Story Of A Personal Story

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One day there was a group of friends that always get along with each other, there was no fight, no detestation between each other. They were in high school additionally the princess Victoria peregrinated to school, she didn't like being treated different from others she wanted to be the same as other people. Everything was going fine, and then Victoria met a trustworthy girl denominated Maria and they were so close friends. But Maria was just utilizing Victoria and to know all her questions and, to make fun of her later on behind her back without knowing. They all wanted to have fun so they went down to frozen dihydrogen skating rink, but Noe didn't know how to skate, so Victoria tough him and Maria wanted to verbally express something which she did she verbalized “he knows how to skate but, he just wants your avail Victoria” and she laughed to herself. She knew Victoria’s powers and she didn’t tell anyone about it so she wanted her weakness and to hurt her, so all her people visually perceive what her family been obnubilating. Everyone loved Victoria she was the amicable person you ever know and avails you with your problems, and Maria takes her and just used Victoria just for her powers because she know’s what she can do. The next day had came and Victoria was skating and them Maria had arrived and they commenced to talk Maria asked Victoria “who was you love?” and Victoria had stopped skating and just visually examined Maria, and she didn’t wanted to respond but

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