Personal Narrative Story : The Love Of Love In My Life

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One sunny day in New York, a beautiful baby girl named Zuri was born. She was healthy, weighed 7lbs and 2oz, light brown pigment, brown eyes, and black hair. Her mother and father were very proud of the amazing creation they had made. They couldn’t describe the love that flowed through the room that day. Zuri was crying but as soon as the doctor handed her to the mother, she instantly stopped crying and tried to focus on her mother's facial features. The mother noticed the struggle and pulled her closer, Zuri instantly locked eyes. She soon began to coo and smile. They thought nothing could ruin their small family, but as years go by, Zuri’s mother and father didn’t laugh as much as they used to. They fought often and occasionally did drugs. Zuri was enrolled into school at 5 years old and the years flew by. She was very intelligent but wasn't like the others, she was smaller because she didn’t eat as much as she needed too. When she was in 6th grade, she experienced her first case of bullying. The kids picked on her for being darker than everyone else, and she tried to brush them off but they never stopped. Cole and Bryce were the main ones to harassed her everyday at school. She felt like no one was listening to her pleased for help. She had no friends, her parents were addicted to drugs, and the other students wouldn’t help. She was too scared to tell a higher authority, so she thought she was all alone. The next day a new kid came into her class, his name was Castiel. He
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