Personal Narrative: Strength From Within

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Strength from Within
Muscles engaged and eye’s wide, the intensity flowing through my veins. About face on one, hands down on two, lift my leg to a needle elevating to place on her shoulder. While she swiftly pulls, a voice in my head counts five, six, seven, and on eight it snapped… and suddenly, my stomach became a sinking pit, and a wave of nausea hit.
I felt a rush, an intense warm and tingling sensation in my leg. I let out an agonizing shriek. I collapsed to the hardwood, fetal position, the guest choreographer came to my aid as my coach stood there and observed. I was incoherent and was confused as my brain was trying to make sense of what had just happened. People encircled me frantically, asking questions that I was struggling to form
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I was pushing myself further than I ever had before, my body fatigued and my mental drive was slowly dissipating, desiring to receive the acknowledgement that I so longingly yearned for from my coach. I was not rewarded nor praised. I pressed forward and dealt with the obstacle that I was given. I kept dancing, following through for the sake of my team and the hopes for the competition season. My muscle began to feel worse; I soon would anxiously walk into my physical therapy appointment, receiving the devastating blow that I had ripped scar tissue twice. This entire process was extremely strenuous on my entire body.
My coach began to tear me down and treat me with disregard; even though I was downhearted I was tenacious about trying to dance. Competition season came, I danced, and never letting the agonizing pain I felt show on my face. What kept me going was the familiar scream in the echoing crowd- my mother. I lifted my head and searched the crowd to find that voice. She had tears in her eyes; I could feel her tender hug, helping me push through the pain. I knew in that moment, I was doing it for everyone who supported me, but not for my
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