Personal Narrative: Stressed Out

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It was a beautiful summer evening at my uncle’s firework stand in Stillwater on July 7, 2012. We were sitting on the cement next to the giant metal building containing thousands of dollars worth of fireworks. I looked up at the sky and noticed it was getting dark. Together we were thinking of what we could do to pass the time before we had to close the stand. So we took a small 200 gram cake cleverly labeled,’’Stressed Out”. in the parking lot.. I set it on the gravel about 100 yards or so away from the stand then went back to get the blowtorch. Once I got the blowtorch I went back out to light it. After I lit the cake, one shot went up in the the air and,”Purple” I said to myself, but little did we know that it would be the only shot that went in the air. The recoil from the first shot tipped the whole box over. Luckily it wasn’t pointed directly at us and it started firing at the brush behind where we placed it. The sparks from the explosions started a small fire that quickly consumed the small field. The smell of burnt wood filled the air, causing a thick dark cloud of ash to swarm the trees above. We quickly grabbed the hoses from the backyard and turned the water on. Then while we were pumping water the hose had little tiny holes squirting water up like a sprinkler. The dogs had chewed through the hoses and left us…show more content…
By coincidence we had just gotten in little firetruck fireworks so we gave the firefighters firetrucks for them coming to put out the fire. After that we I went to bed and woke up early to see what it actually looked like. Since I couldn’t see very well the night before. It looked as if a wildfire had just swallowed the area, leaving only the building left standing. Then I realized that it probably would have been a good idea to have at least put a cinder block around the small but dangerous
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