Personal Narrative-Suffering

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In the earliest of mornings, the sound of the wind was not present, nor the sound of voices. The sound was present; it just couldn't be heard. And even if we did hear it, there would be no difference. Below the area of where I set, lived the souls of sinners. The new sinners begged for freedom. The old ones gave up on it. They suffered for their sins and worked because of it. Joining in an endless cycle that reigned in my realm. Brown soil mixed with red rocks covered the ground; the sky filled with a neverending red. Time did not exist, but when they sky bled the brightest, morning appeared; night would seep through when the sky became dark. The natural weather did not appear in this realm. Soaring hot and a clear sky reigned here. The cycle of this place never changed, continuing in the life of suffering. I want a change, but it will never come in a place like this. I sighed, slouching in my throne while propping my feet up. "Lord Lucifer, the Council of Hades wants an audience with you." The servant, Gabriel, informed me. He bowed while resting on one of his knees, looking up at me. His black wings, that once bled white, laid against his back in perfect symmetry.…show more content…
"But, sir, I don't think the angel realm would let the Council of Hades in." Gabriel joked. I rolled my eyes in annoyance, forgetting the natural of Gabriel's maturity. "Just bring them here." I snapped. Gabriel laughed, "As you wish, sir," disappearing from the spot he once
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