Personal Narrative-Swim

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During the swim season of my sophomore year, we had a meet in American against Moreau Catholic High School. I had finished my allotted two events, and was walking back to the locker room to change into my clothes and get ready to go home. As I was walking with my friend, we heard commotion of a missing person for the last event and varsity. I brushed it off as an upperclassmen problem and continued to change. As I was about to leave campus, the coach ran up to me and asked what my 100 meter freestyle time was. As I was about to answer, he said that it doesn’t matter and he wants me to run back and change because the event is starting in a minute. I changed and the buzzer rang as I was taking off my pants. I ran into the pool and started swimming anyway. Our relay team got first in that event.…show more content…
One time, I did get put in by the coach as a defensive lineman against Dublin High. It was a very hot day, and we had scored not a single point that whole game so far. On the last down before half-time, the quarterback flops his throw and it lands right into my hands. I realize what had just happened and start to run as fast as I could down the field. Surprisingly, no one had caught up to me until I made a touchdown. Or I believed so, turns out I had ran the wrong way and the coach immediately took me out of the game. The next Monday during practice, he said that he will never put me back in a game if it ever happens again. Later that practice, I caught a kickoff and, you guessed it: I ran the wrong way
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