Personal Narrative-Tale House

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As our family watches the T.V. screen we sit hoping that our ticket may be the ticket, but we well know that the chance of us winning this lottery is like a one in a million chances.
Our small one story house lies on the west side of my school in Opal Street California. We have a three bedroom, two bath house. Our house is pretty small, but I still love it since this is the house I grew up in. Even though I am not one of the popular kids in school, and don’t have all the new high fashioned things; I’m still very grateful of everything I have.
My mom Carol hums in the kitchen while she cooks dinner for tonight. It smells like my favorite meal lasagna.
The announcer calls out, “two,”
“We have a two on our ticket,” my dad says nodding his head.
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“Hey guys, can I sit here?”
“Sure, no one's going to stop you,” Jenna replies as she plays and looks at her food.
“Why aren't you sitting with Vanessa?” Nikki asks.
“Guys I’m sorry. I realized how Vanessa was using me and I should’ve listened to you guys and never have fallen for her. I’ve come here to apologize and I want our friendship back. I started to go off on a three paragraph sorry essay about how wrong I was and how I had changed.
“Do you guys forgive me?”
All three of them stared at each other before they said something back, “I guess,” Mary said in a happy and forgiving tone.
“Well we have missed you and your weird presence over the past weeks,” Jenna says staring away from me.
“So we good?” I say with a raised eyebrows.
“Were good,” Nikki says. We all smile at each other like nothing happened to us at all.
“Well I’m glad that we’re all good now. How about I treat you guys to lunch this weekend?”
“That sounds great,” Jenna replies excitedly.
“We should go to the mall if you're not tired of the mall already,” Mary said laughing. “you should buy that cute sweatshirt that that I know you’ve wanted since last month.”
With a smile I say, “Well then great, it’s a
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