Personal Narrative: Talia's Home

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As I slowly press my foot down on the brake, my car comes to a rolling stop in front of my best friend Talia’s house. Talia sits silently beside me in the passenger seat. I turn the car off, dreading the upcoming painful goodbye. Slamming our car doors, we walk along her cracked driveway towards her front door. Somehow, it was easy for me to relate to the broken, torn up concrete. I gaze at the jagged stones sadly, knowing I wouldn’t be seeing them for months.
My closest friend of 6 years was moving to South America tomorrow. I’ve cried every single day since I found out, feeling the loss of her even though she wasn’t gone yet. Talia’s the only person I have ever been truly comfortable with, which is extremely significant as I have social anxiety. It feels like I’m losing my other half. These thoughts provoke tears, but I blink them away.
Reaching the door, we turn to each other. I open my arms out wide, pulling her into a warm embrace. Hugging her, I think of our long history: going through all of our cringy phases in middle school together, almost getting sued together, starting high school together and surviving freshman and sophomore year together. Always together.
Until today.
The only thing keeping me from completely losing it is the hope that this adventure was not at its end, as
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While in her arms, I realized that this experience could be life-changing for her, and that I should be supportive of this decision instead of drowning in my own sorrows. I remind myself that even though she won’t be here physically, we can still talk everyday over the phone. Interlocking her hands in mine, I say I love her, and remind her that this isn’t goodbye. We finally let go of each other, and I shuffle back to my car. As I pull out of her driveway, I feel proud of her and myself. Stood in the doorway, she smiles and waves goodbye. Through the windshield, I smile and wave back at her, feeling stronger than
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