Personal Narrative: Team Failure

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It is most common for people to mention that their “grit” had developed during a fight to regain a position on a sports team or a committee they were involved in. Mine developed because of the loss of a position on a team, yes, but it wasn’t because I whipped myself into shape and conquered tryouts. Instead, mine developed on the base of a realization. A realization that, although I was passionate about the sport all of my life, it was no longer what I wished to do with my free time. The drive had dimmed down and it was time to move on to another passion that would follow me into adulthood. That passion had been unknown to me at the time, but what I did know was that I wanted to stretch my boundaries. I wanted to connect with more people in…show more content…
We are more than our successes and our failures, but how we handle them becomes the reasoning for who we have developed to become. Before this failure forced me to look at my world in a new lens, I was afraid to exit my comfort zone. I was hesitant to venture out, but now it is an exhilarating feeling to put myself in new environments. This is important for me as college creeps closer for I need to be able to maintain a steady gait as I am faced with new…show more content…
The other being the strong support team I have created with my family. I am confident that while college may be a new and frightening experience it will be one I can handle because of this new “grit” I have developed and because of the support coming from my family. Both will ground me and allow for me to handle the many stresses that will soon come with college. So, I may not have developed my “grit” in the traditional way of battling for something I’ve lost, but it is the path towards it that I needed to take to develop into the person I am
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