Personal Narrative: Team Warrior

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It happened about a year an a half ago when my friends on Xbox and I received a challenge from a allied clan on Halo 4 to see who had the better players. Our clan at the time was a dozen of people, but the challenge was a five versus five so we brought our best. I was just signing on when Newfie Venom the clan leader at the time requested that I join a party chat with him and the other members going to the challenge. I being interested to what Newfie wanted joined. Newfie said, "Today we have a friendly challenge from one of our allied clans to see which of us had the better players." Everyone in the chat replied, "I'm in lets go!" I wanted to show what skill I had to the other clan members before we got into fights with other clans. When we joined it was a training map made by the other clan for practice, but today it while not be so easy for them to win. The map was descent sized two forts on opposite sides, a middle no man's land area with random placed mines, and vehicles placed for defensive purpose with some turrets. As our players joined we saw very low ranked players on the opposite team, so we felt less stress about the fight. The beginning of the fight was messy, we had some trouble locating weapons to hold our front door. On the other hand they couldn't keep the pressure on to waste our ammo so we regained our footing. After several repeated tries they…show more content…
Until, I wasted the last of my ammo for the turret. Once they realized that I did run out Newfie keep his side of the bargain and from the side they rode in on Warthogs and finished what we started. We won the fight 100 to 40 it was one hard fight, but I learned that believing in someone helps you push through the most difficult
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