Personal Narrative: Teenage Adoption

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As I was uploading my new youtube video, my boyfriend Daniel walked in and asked, “Hey babe...umm..can I ask you something?”. I looked up from my laptop worriedly. “Sure… what’s up?” I asked. He looked at me like he didn’t know what to say. “Can we umm… adopt…?” he finally asked. I was in complete shock and I couldn’t even breathe. “Ummm.. I think we should because we have been together for 2 years and I think we are ready.” I said excitedly. {change to Rowan’s point of view} While I was sitting on my bed, I was watching Joey Graceffa’s new video that just came out like two minutes ago, my roommate Katie walked in and asked, “Are you watching Joey Graceffa again Rowan….. that’s ridiculous you are always watching his videos… go watch some other…show more content…
HE WANTS TO MEET ONE OF US!” she said still screaming. “OMG THAT’S SO EXCITING…” I said before I was cut off by Shannon. “He’s not gonna pick a little fan to adopt so run your little butt up back to your room and be a good little weirdo ok… ok bye bye.” she said while waving me away. I ran up the stairs with tears in my eyes and when I got to my room I got into my freshly made bed and cried myself to sleep until my bedroom door opened and my caretaker said, “Waked up Rowan you have a visitor that wants to see you now.” So I got up and made myself look decent and came down stairs to the main office. When I went through the door I was surprised to see Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda sitting at the desk. I was trying not to scream so bad that it hurt. “Hi Rowan… how are you…” Joey said smiling. “Hi … I’m good… umm..” I said nervously After we talked for an hour or two, I had to leave so they could pick who they wanted to adopt. It felt like an eternity passed. I waited and waited to hear who they picked. When dinner rolled around, I was so nervous and scared that I wasn’t going to be picked. As I walked to the dinner hall, Shannon was throwing tissues and calling me a crybaby. When I walked into the room full of little girls I finally had
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