Personal Narrative: Terminally Illness

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If I, Yesung Shin, am to be terminally ill the following circumstances are what I wish to happen to my body. I choose my parents to be the ultimate voice in selecting what to do in terms of my health, because I know they have my best intentions at hand and I have also spoken briefly with them regarding my wishes. First off I want to be placed at home, opposed to a medical setting, and with my family, because to me home is more personal than any healthcare type setting. When I was younger I witnessed my mom, a Lymphoma Cancer survivor, staying in the hospital for extended amounts of time and felt how suffocating the environment was, even though I was just visiting. If the circumstances are fitting I’d like to be sedated, so I will experience…show more content…
In the case that I’m unable to ingest foods and fluids by mouth, I consent artificial nutrition and hydration for the six months (maximum) I’m on life support. Though there are infinite amounts of things that have helped me enjoy my life, the basic rights I constitute my own quality of life are being able to speak, walk, and laugh because these are traits that have helped me find my own identity; if I’m unable to do these things I find no motivation in living because it’s merely just my body being physically present. Though euthanasia is not my first choice, if necessary, I would like passive euthanasia particularly because I don’t want to feel excruciating amount of pain, and going along with the life support only wish for this to take place after my six months of no recovery. There is a possibility my parents will speak against euthanasia, due to religion, and if they decide not to go through with euthanasia, that is okay, as long as my body does not have to go through treacherous amount of pain for any amount of time. As someone who takes religion seriously I do take into perspective my beliefs and how they will affect my body, and with my father being a pastor I fully believe him and my mom will choose only what is best for me. If my body is naturally passing away I refuse CPR to be
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