Personal Narrative: The Acceptance Of Insanity

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“Sir?” I call out into the onyx room. I gain a response of my echo bouncing back to me. I get into a tight ball and start rocking back and forth. I feel a cold touch brush against my shoulder. Insanity’s way of taking in its victims. I embrace my fate, to let insanity in the door. Nothing but darkness surrounds me. Nothing until a refulgence caused by an unknown source gave the answer to my way of breaking free. For my answer were to be wrong for the illumination were to be a trickle of lightning. A tawny colored pebble road lay in front of my path of lunacy. For the crow night only to be irradiate by bolts of bright lines dancing in the sky. I stumble down the long winding road. I am followed by dark wings and a long and shining scythe. The
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