Personal Narrative: The Advanced Writing Workshop

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The Advanced Writing Workshop is an incredible opportunity for me to grow as a writer and a scholar. The small seminar format of the class will give me the opportunity to more deeply explore content than would otherwise be possible in a large lecture format class. At Long Island School for the Gifted which I attended for 4th through 8th Grade, all of the classes were small. Thus, I have had the opportunity to learn in seminar-style classes previously, and found them to be very well-suited to my learning style. Although I am not a bad writer, there is always room for improvement. For example, when I read novels I intend to burst with both ideas about, as well as interpretations of, complex texts. My strength as a reader centers around my ability to grasp the big picture. Rather…show more content…
First, I am already one grade ahead in English, currently taking Junior electives as a Sophomore. Despite having skipped a year in English at Schreiber, I have performed very well in each of the three English courses I have taken so far. Additionally, I have successfully completed the English honors project every semester, so I have proven my ability to accomplish this additional challenge . Second, the curriculum in the AP Writing Workshop builds on a foundation of critical reading, rhetorical analysis and peer response. As previously suggested above, I believe my strength is in critical reading and rhetorical analysis. I love uncovering sometimes hidden messages, particularly in abstract texts, as well as identifying the strategies used by authors to convey these messages. Participating in Debate, both at LISG and at Schreiber, has also helped me learn to link evidence to argument. Furthermore, peer response is an ongoing part of my current Science Research class. In this small course, we often develop ideas, share strategies and exchange constructive opinions, both verbally and in writing, about each participant’s
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