Personal Narrative: The American Identity

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When I think of the American Identity I think of who we are as a country. From day one we have been fighters and just trying to make this a better place than we found it. Still today we are fighting, not only trying to help our country but to also help our neighbors in need. If you are being kicked out of your own home, out of your country America will bring you in, If you are hungry America will feed you, If you want a future America will educate you. This is the land that will give you a chance in life, to do or be something amazing.If you can’t see that then open your eyes because it is all right in front of you. So many people look at our country and the one word they can think of is hope. I am not talking about the people who live in america I’m talking about the people whose homes have been torn apart and have nowhere to go. This makes me think back to the reading we did on The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Abelard said this in the reading “There were plenty of men in the nation,hombres de calidad y posición who believe it or not, offered up their daughters up freely.” It is the disgusting stuff like this why people come to America or else they could have some really bad stuff done to them, because that kind of…show more content…
During the revolutionary war we were truly fearless. In The Speech to the Virginia Convention it stated that we had tried to do almost everything to the king to get the rights that we deserve so we did what we had to and we fought our way through til the end. They fought for our future just like any of our wars have. In the The Crisis, by Thomas Paine He states “That a generous parent would say if there is trouble let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” I believe that this is what we’ve been doing since the beginning, going through the hardships so that our children may have peaceful lives. Any generation will have its hardships but all we need to do is try and make it
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