Personal Narrative: The Art Of Basketball

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An experience I had was when I perfected the art of basketball. It wasn’t easy I went through many struggles in my life for years I could never beat anyone in basketball, it was like trying to break free with chains holding you back. I always thought I was the best but it changed. I was crippled by my brother. I said to my brother “Hey bro, I bet you can’t beat me in a beat me in basketball 1 versus 1! I’M A KING, A GOD IN BASKETBALL!” My brother Joshua replied with no hesitation “Okay if you think you are that good.” When we arrived at the park it was filled with people but one court was open, it was like it was made for us to battle. Our friends were waiting just for us, one of my friends Allen said “you guys going to battle?” I nodded. When we finally battle it quickly finished and I was disappointed, I thought to myself “I tried everything from three pointers to crossovers but still got demolished.”…show more content…
For months I trained as hard as I could ranging from midrange, three pointers, and dribbling but I still could not beat my brother his training was far superior to mines. Whatever he was doing I needed to know, so I asked him later that day “What are you doing today?” He said “Lift weights bro.” So that moment I needed to lift weights. I went to the YMCA to sign up and immediately I went to train, I trained on most of my body but mainly arms and legs. I did that for 4 months but gave up, why you ask because of one thing Xbox. I was so hooked on the games, I forgot about basketball and when I got back on that court I played like trash. I did not play basketball for about 1 year at this point, but it was when I received a text from my close friend Chris and he said “Let’s play basketball?” I replied “Yes!” When I got there all of my friends were there to play with me Rex, Pjhey, Erwil, Christian, Abelle, Ethan, Allen, and especially Chris and he said “Fight the good
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