Personal Narrative: The Birth Of My Saver

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The Birth of My Saver

There was a time in my life when I didn’t care about much of anything. I was skipping school and hanging with the wrong crowd. I knew that this was breaking my mother’s heart but at that period I only wanted to mask my feelings and drown them in bad habits. Through the turmoil a blessing in the form of a beautiful child was created. My first born daughter arrived and changed my life forever.
The beginning of my senior year started normal. I was excited about participating in every senior activity our school offered. Such as, senior day, homecoming, and even senior ditch day. I was studying for my SAT’s and engaging in every college event provided. Life at that time seemed great. In November of my last year in high school, I lost my grandma. She was not just my grandmother but she was like a second mother to me. She was always there to listen and give advice. She was also there to help my mother in my father’s absence. Her death took a toll on me that I could have never imagined. After that I spiraled into a dark place. I didn’t want to go to school or participate in any activity that I once lived for. I met a guy who I knew was bad for me but it felt right. I began to hang with his friends which involved skipping school, hanging out way past my curfew, and even drinking and drugs. Although I knew
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I most likely would not be the person I am today. I graduated from high school and was able to get a decent job. We always here about how bad teen pregnancy is and how it ruins girls lives. That is not always the case and I am living proof. In some cases, being a teen mother teaches responsibility early, alters the way they have been by turning them in to a new person , and also makes the awareness to wrongful deeds better (“Teen Pregnancy”, n.d., para. 8). My daughter will never understand the impact she had on my life. She will forever be the one who saved

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