Personal Narrative: The Chahinkapa Zoo

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Have you ever misjudged some people and you thought that you did not like them, but then they turned out to be really nice people? I have misjudged my neighbors when my family first moved to Sartell. When I first moved to Sartell, I assumed that I would not like my neighbors because I did not know any of them. When I met them, they turned out to be nice and respectful people. First of all, when I was little, I used to live in Wahpeton, North Dakota. When I used to live in Wahpeton, I had a lot of good friends there. In Wahpeton, North Dakota I visited a zoo and went to a park. I visited one of my good friends every day and I hung out with them during the day. My friend and I visited a zoo called the Chahinkapa Zoo and we saw many animals.…show more content…
My favorite animal at the zoo was the Bengal Tiger. Once we visited the Bengal Tigers, I said, “look Tigers”, they were fascinating to see. The Chahinkapa Zoo also had a merry-go-round that we would go to and I had a lot of fun riding on the merry-go-round. I heard the peaceful music and I heard the sound of the drum, boom, while I was riding the merry-go-round. I also felt the movement of going up and down on the merry-go-round. Riding the merry-go-round was like riding a horse. I also would go to a park called the Chahinkapa Park and I would play on the playground. When I arrived at the park, I jumped for joy and jogged to the playground. I would also go down the slippery slide and sail safely to the bottom of the slide. I had a lot of fun going to that park. That park also had a large hill and during the winter my friend and I would go sledding down the hill, which was a lot of fun. When we went down the hill, the snow attacked my face and we would slide for a good distance. Then excited to go down the hill again, we would grab our sleds and rush to the top of the hill as fast as possible and begin the fun again. Once we became tired of…show more content…
When my family moved to Sartell I assumed the neighbors that we were going to live by were not going to be nice and I would not like the new neighbors. I thought I was not going to like our new neighbors because I assumed that they were not going to be friendly. Our neighbors whom we have now were never mean to us, but I just started to judge them when we first moved here. I started to judge them because I had no idea who they were or what they would be like. Once I had met the new neighbors, they were really respectful and now we have a good amity with our neighbors. My family and I did many activities with our neighbors. For example, we went on numerous fun trips. My neighbors and I went skiing in Montana, visited Florida, went to my cabin, and we went camping together. We would also eat dinners together and we would play fun games with them. The meals that we had together were very delicious and then we would have dessert, which was also very delicious. The games that we played were Ping-Pong, pool, card games, and board games. During the winter, my neighbors and I would also play hockey on our pond in our backyard. Playing hockey was a war because we would always be colliding into each other and we would be having so much fun out there. Every time we
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