Personal Narrative: The Championship Game

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Personal Narrative Aden Swisher Period 1 The Championship Game On this Saturday’s evening game, the baseball game was 2 teams in the championship game. The 2 teams that were facing were Pipe Creek (which was my team) and Mcadams the team we had to beat. Mcadams was the #1 seed and Pipe Creek was #2 seed, we were throwing back and forth and getting some practice before the game. Later we finally start the game. Pipe Creek was the Visitors and Mcadams was the home team. Pipe Creek was up to bat first and we scored 6 runs in the 1st inning. Mcadams came up to bat in the Bottom of the 1st inning and they scored 1 run. Pipe Creek stopped them and now they are up to bat again. In the 2nd inning we scored nothing so 0 runs and Mcadams
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