Personal Narrative: The Children Of Divorced Parents

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Today, many kids are the children of divorced parents and it isn't uncommon anymore. Usually parents are civil with one another for the sake of the children. However, I was the victim of two very uncivil parents, both who refused to admit their own faults to one another and then went on to speak badly of the other to my younger sisters and I.
My father has severe anger issues and has an alcohol problem. He verbally and physically abused my mom while they were married. Even growing up he showed his dark side to me. I was told I was worthless and a disappointment by him. Consequently, him and I stopped seeing each other when I was 10. I was scared of him and I was the only child to witness what he has used to do to my mom. I didn't see him again till I was 14, when the district court required me to do reunification counseling. SInce then, him and I have regained somewhat of a relationship. He's gotten help for his anger issues and doesn't drink around me or my siblings.
My mother has always been somebody I've been very close with. She's always suffered with
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My boyfriend's mom and I became very close and I talked to her for weeks about it and she helped me cope with it and even helped me to realize that everyone has gone through a dark period in their life, and almost everyone has their own regrets and disappointments. For months, I felt that I had no adult figure in my life that was trustworthy or a parent that was proud of or comfortable around. However now, my experiences with my parents has taught me to be the best I can possibly be and always think thoroughly with my actions, for you never know who can or will eventually find out. My parents, overall, have been great people, but I've realized their mistakes and I feel it'll better me for when I become a parent to kids of my own one
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