Personal Narrative: The City Of Washington D. C.

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Have you ever gone somewhere you never thought you would get to go? I have. Washington D.C, just somewhere in America. The capitol city; the most important city in America. Where the presidents lived, where Lincoln was assassinated. That’s all I had ever thought I would know about Washington D.C. I never thought I would have the chance to go. I never thought there could be so much history in one city. My whole viewpoint on this city would change in the span of 1 week.
My story starts at 5:30 AM. My class got our bags packed on to the six buses, we eventually filled plump full with students. Once we sat down on the bus we set off. Each of the buses had a guide. Sarah, the guide on the bus I rode on, made us all laugh when we first met. After
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We learned about people who died right where we stood. We even got to reenact a famous battle, running through the fields like soldiers did many years before was exhilarating. After our tour we all felt very tired, well us kids did our parents, not so much. They all went to the bar and had a drink while us kids went to sleep. I stayed in a room with 2 friends and one adult. The adult that stayed with us in our room went to the bar like the others. Patience, Rylie, and I were alone in our room. When Rylie took a shower, Patience and I heard a doorbell. We both looked around checking our phones and outside the door to find out where the doorbell sound came from. When Rylie came out of the bathroom, we told her what had happened. We were so scared because this town is supposed to be the most haunted place in America, and we heard a doorbell that apparently came out of nothing. None of the rooms, at this hotel, had doorbells. I can look back on it now and laugh because I figured out where the sound came from. I had brought my iPod touch so I could take pictures, and with the notification sounds on, my iPod seems to just make doorbell sounds without actually having a notification. My iPod scared us half to death. Of course I didn’t figure this out until after the end of the trip, so when I did figure it out I texted my friend and told her the story. We still laugh about it…show more content…
Did you know that from the capitol you could see the Washington memorial? Well you can, and my mom wanted a picture of me, and my brother with the Washington memorial in the background, just a happy coincidence that the other Johnson boy in my grade somehow photobombed the Johnson kids picture. So now that is what we decided to call the picture. We even got to go to a gift shop in D.C. and I found the best things. I found the best snow globe ever, the snow globe has many of the memorials in it and it plays the national anthem. I also found a nice sweatshirt and some sweatpants. Sweatpants that I later found, a little different, with one pant leg longer than the other. I still love them
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