Personal Narrative : ' The Clam '

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The Clam My mother got a new job as a deputy sheriff in a suburban town named Romulus. It wasn 't too big or staggering small, they had a Walmart and a drive to the city wasn 't too hard to achieve. My school was a one story building with 2 gyms, computer lab, standard size chemistry lab and about a handful classrooms. The school seems big on the outside but the hallways between classes will soon change your mind. I already had a friend to help me get around. Chris had been my best friend since we were kids and when he had moved here two years ago, we stayed strong friends over Skype and phone. I broke my lamp in excitement two months ago when my mom told me we were moving to where he was. Chris let me know the rules, how to easily…show more content…
They said a bear did it…but you never know.” He said in a spooky voice. "Speaking of, Do you want to go by the lake and hang out with some buddies?" As much as I hated socializing, I decided to go. If only to keep Chris out of trouble. The next morning I was woken to my mother telling me that I didn 't need to get ready. School was closed for the next few days for an investigation. 3 students were found drowned to death behind the gym. Seriously? I called Chris but he wasn 't answering. Must still be sleeping. "Well, as long as I get to sleep in." Chris later told me some of the rumors about the who, what, when, where, and why 's of the situation. One of them said that a man was seen prowling the mini-forest surrounding the school the afternoon before the incident. One of them said that the students were just taking an internet challenge too far. One rumor seemed to identify the victims. I asked my mother for confirmation and it was true. The students who were drowned were: Nobel Makonnen, Gabriel Quigley, and Jordan Riley. I 've never really talked of these students, but I definitely heard the screams and shouts from their table at lunch. Who could 've had a reason to kill them? Eventually, the full story was released by the media. "3 Boys were found drowned to death behind the Summit Academy gym on October 2 2017, how they were drowned is currently unknown, however their autopsy report show the liquid containing a high
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