Personal Narrative: The Color Of War Crimes

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HAHAHAHA, Thank you all very much for awesome and great comments .. i am glad that all of you liked my car!!!!!!!!!!! Yes car is slow yes and it is stylish. I am glad that some of your mom's are agree with me.. Red car has nothing to do with (the color of blood. the color of war crimes) it is just a color i am sure most of you drives a red M car. (that was just stupid). The rear lamp are terrible and front also . No AMG pack even . Interion cheap and rattles. Slow. Based on old C class . Mercedes E class is not an entry level Mercedes, it has nothing to do with C class what so ever. Rattles no!!!!! it really does not rattle as much as M3 does cause this is a cruiser with a softer suspensions. i do like the interior as much as i liked my M3.…show more content…
I will drive it till the end of the year and get someting else that i would like to drive it.. i do not wanna stuck with a car for rest of my life i drove the M3 for a year and i enjoyed it. now this and i will get something else
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