Personal Narrative: The Connection Between Gender And Gender Stereotypes

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One and a half week ago, I got back to my room and I started to watched a movie until 23 o'clock then I went to my bed for sleep after i slept for five minutes i heard something fell into the ground i tried to ignored it and i slept. about 2 hour later I was half asleep when I felt like I was being uncomfortable at my chest and i can't breath then i started to opened my eyes and i saw someone that sat or something on my cheat i didn't know who and 'gender' about it i can't moved and 10 minutes later it was gone he just like 'invisible' from my face at the morning i went to brushed my teet and i saw washing powder that i 'purchased' yesterday fell at the ground it made my surprised because i put it close to the wall and it's about 50 cm from
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